Standard customer information and waiver forms for new students
  • Class package fees are billed monthly. The price for each month is the same regardless of the number of class days.
  • We do not pro-rate or make up for missed classes. We only pro-rate class package fees if you are missing two or more consecutive weeks of classes. La Jolla Fencing Academy must be notified by email (lajollafencing@gmail.com) before the start of the month for the pro-ration to be made in the upcoming month.
  • Pre-payment and registration for all class packages is required. Payment for each month of class packages must be received at the beginning of each month before the first class is taken. The tuition of students not starting at the beginning of the month will be prorated for that month.
  • La Jolla Fencing Academy must receive a written notification by email (lajollafencing@gmail.com) of any changes in class enrollment or payment choices at least one week before the billing date.
  • Pre-payment for all private lessons and drop-in classes is required at the time of scheduling.
  • If you are unable to attend a private lesson, you must cancel it 24 hours prior to scheduled time by sending an email to lajollafencing@gmail.com. If a private lesson is not canceled 24 hours prior to the scheduled time, you will be charged for the full lesson.
  • If you are taking classes or private lessons at the La Jolla Fencing Academy, you must leave a Credit Card on file. You are responsible for updating the La Jolla Fencing Academy office with the most up to date credit card information to continue taking classes at the LJFA.
  • You are fully responsible for payments of all scheduled private lessons, drop-in classes and class packages and authorize La Jolla Fencing Academy to use your credit card on file to pay for them.
Policies change every year, and you can get the most up to date information on current club requirements and policies anytime from the La Jolla Fencing Academy office, or at lajollafencingacademy.com.
La Jolla Fencing Academy reserves the right to terminate and refuse service to anyone at any time.
NO WALK-INS ARE ALLOWED into a class or a private lesson. The safety waiver below must be filled out by a parent/guardian or an adult athlete and emailed to lajollafencing@gmail.com at least 24 hours prior to the first on-site practice. Thank you for your cooperation!


  • La Jolla Fencing Academy will be closed on major holidays: July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day. All other closures will be posted well in advance. Holiday schedule is subject to change.