Beginner Fencing Program at LJFA in San Diego

For Beginners

LJFA’s Beginner Fencing Program is designed to introduce our new athletes to the sport of fencing. All ages are welcome! In the Beginner Class, our new fencers focus on the intangible skills of fencing: footwork, blade work, agility, and conditioning in a safe and fun group environment. In addition to our group classes, LJFA Beginner Fencer Program also offers Beginner Open Fencing, an opportunity for our beginners to compete against their classmates with the skills they have learned during their classes.

Beginner Class
Youth EpeeMon/Wed4:00–5:30pm
Junior EpeeMon/Wed6:00–7:30pm
Youth/Junior SabreTue/Thu5:45–7:15pm
Beginner Open Fencing
LJFA highly recommends our beginner fencers to have Private Lessons at least once a week. Please consult with our Coaches to pick the Private Lesson that is right for you.
Please ask us about Free Beginner Class.

For Fencers with Previous Fencing Experience

Fencers who have a solid fencing foundation and competitive fencing experience are recommended to participate in LJFA’s Advanced Master Class Program. This program includes Spartak Open Fencing, in which our advanced fencers independently practice and compete with other advanced fencers while our coaches strip-coach the athletes. Advanced fencers are also invited to enroll in LJFA’s weekly Master Class, a challenging group class designed to help our advanced fencers excel in regional, national, and international tournaments.

Spartak Open Fencing
All WeaponsMon-Fri7:00–10:00pm
Master Class
Master SabreFriday6:00–8:00pm
LJFA highly recommends our advanced fencers to have Private Lessons at least twice a week. Please consult with our Coaches to pick the Private Lesson that is right for you.

For Adult Students

La Jolla Fencing Academy offers a well crafted fencing class for adults who are ready to jump onto the strip and learn something that’s not only challenging but also extremely rewarding.

Adult Class
Adult Class SabreTuesday6:00–7:00pm

Strength and Conditioning Class

We at LJFA are happy to announce our new strength & conditioning class. This class runs every Saturday from 10-11 am. Our strength and conditioning coach is Jessica Metz who trains the UCSD varsity fencing team and other UCSD varsity teams. Fencing strength and conditioning is very specific and differentiates from orthodox strength and conditioning exercises. Jessica is well versed in the specific skills and exercises needed to translate into better results on the fencing strip. Jessica will work on improving:

  • Explosiveness
  • Agility
  • Core Strength
  • Leg Strength
  • Coordination
  • Endurance
  • Speed
Strength and Conditioning Class
Strength and ConditioningSaturday10:00–11:00am
We highly recommend all LJFA students especially the ones in SPARTAK open fencing to sign up for this weekly class.
Private fencing lesson at LJFA in San Diego

Private Lessons

At LJFA we emphasize that private lessons are the best way for aspiring fencers to learn the sport at the highest possible level. LJFA provides private lessons for all three fencing weapons: sabre, epee, and foil. Private lessons consist of a 30-minute one-on-one session between the coach and student. The coach teaches the important skills of fencing: footwork, blade work, and strategy. We recommend beginner fencers to have private lessons at least once a week and advanced fencers at least twice a week, however, as many lessons as possible is highly recommended.

Please schedule for private lessons online. Please remember that our coaches’ availability is limited.

To schedule your first lesson or class, please contact us and fill out our new student registration form.